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I've been working on a new game since November with Dangles. The game is about traveling the world as a trader to sell goods to people and remove a curse.

We've developed a bunch of systems that will make development faster from here on out, but it's still early days.

We're writing the game in Godot using C#. We're using placeholder assets for now (thanks internet!).


⚔️RPG elements

Walk around towns and villages, talk to NPCs to gather information on item prices or nearby locations.


🛠️Build and customize your own shop.

Place decorations, chests, and tables to suit your needs. Decorations will eventually increase engagement from different types of shoppers.


💲Make money

Try to sell the items you find for as much as possible.


🌍Travel the world

Find locations and travel to them. Explore different landscapes and create new trade routes!