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Cutscenes and Objectives

The most recent update to the TileGame is the ability to create Cutscenes and Objectives.

Cutscenes are a series of actions that are played out in sequence. They are defined in yaml and can trigger just about any event in the game.

Objectives are just triggers that can be displayed to the player and can optionally follow up with another cutscene.

Here's an example from the tutorial. It does the following:

  • creates a wall to block the path forwards
  • faces the player to the south
  • moves the player to the start of the map
  • plays a dialog
  • creates an objective
Name: TutorialIntro
StartTransition: FadeIn
  - ActionType: SpawnEntity
    GridEntityId: 0cc28e30-230e-4773-8e9d-7d5ca4aaf0e2
    Name: Wall
    Id: Wall1
    Position: pos:*/name/SpawnWallPosition

  - ActionType: FaceTo
    Target: ent:*/state/owner:ai&health:alive
    FaceToDirection: South

  - ActionType: Wait
    Seconds: 0.7

  - ActionType: MoveTo
    Target: ent:*/state/owner:player^1
    MoveTo: pos:*/name/StartMapPosition1

  - ActionType: Dialog
    DialogText: Welcome to the VR training sim. Take a moment to get your bearings. 
    PortraitPath: uid://36mr2f4bpaxy

  - ActionType: Dialog
    DialogText: You can find your weapon on your back. When you're ready try hitting that enemy.
    PortraitPath: uid://36mr2f4bpaxy

  - ActionType: CreateObjective
    Title: Kill the dummy
    Condition: Kill
    Target: ent:*/id/TutorialDummy1
    CompletionCutscene: res://Resources/Cutscenes/Tutorial/Tutorial2.yml

Here's the result in game: